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Nature's ultimatum, The stakes and prospects of the United States' urgent return to the climate battle
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Éditions L'Harmattan
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Nature's ultimatum

The stakes and prospects of the United States' urgent return to the climate battle

Éditions L'Harmattan

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  • Aide EAN13 : 9782336952222
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In this book, Michel Innocent Peya focuses on "climate finance" and the
withdrawal and return of the world's leading power, the United States, in the
battle against climate change, by assessing its real financial impact in order
to fight collectively against the ultimatum given by nature. The States are
determined to take up the challenge and assume their responsibilities, as the
Biden administration has done, in order to wage the "people's battle" against
global warming and the perils that it may cause in the medium term. A vibrant
appeal is launched to all the world's decision-makers as well as to state and
non-state actors. As the years go by, the planet is experiencing rising
temperatures and precipitation is constantly increasing. These are the results
of a multiform pollution that threatens the existence of nations. Our
beautiful nature is being devastated by greenhouse gas emissions and ever-
increasing waste. The few world powers, those that can be qualified as major
polluters, are few in number but threaten the balance of our system to the
detriment of collective well-being. What will become of our planet, our
environment, if the community of polluters continues to refuse to take its
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