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The Moon and Sixpence: A Quick Read edition
Quick Read
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The Moon and Sixpence: A Quick Read edition

Quick Read

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Discover a new way to read classics with Quick Read.
This Quick Read edition includes both the full text and a summary for each
\- Reading time of the complete text: about 7 hours
\- Reading time of the summarized text: 42 minutes

"The Moon and Sixpence" is a novel by W. Somerset Maugham, published in 1919.
It follows the story of Charles Strickland, a middle-aged English stockbroker
who abandons his family to pursue his passion for art. The book is narrated by
a young writer who becomes acquainted with Strickland's wife and later meets
Strickland himself. Strickland leaves his comfortable life in London and lives
a destitute existence in Paris as a painter. He is supported by a Dutch
painter named Dirk Stroeve, who recognizes Strickland's talent. However,
Strickland discards Stroeve's wife after using her as a model, leading to her
tragic death. The story continues in Tahiti, where Strickland dies of leprosy
after settling down with a native woman and having children. The novel is
inspired by the life of artist Paul Gauguin, although it takes artistic
liberties. The title of the book refers to the protagonist's relentless
pursuit of his artistic ambitions. "The Moon and Sixpence" has been adapted
into a stage play, a film, and an opera. It has also been referenced in
various works of literature and popular culture.
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