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The desirable future of Humanity AFRICA, A part of a STRATEGY for the NEAR FUTURE
Diasporas noires
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The desirable future of Humanity AFRICA

A part of a STRATEGY for the NEAR FUTURE

Diasporas noires

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This book explains, step by step and in simple words, a concept as difficult
as the global social governance of the world and of Africa.

Solutions to the challenges of sustainable development in Africa, such as the
desalination of seawater to obtain fresh water in abundance for all countries;
urban waste treatment, health, energy, forest conservation, agroecology;
extraction, refining and transportation of ores, oil, gas; the civil air
transport or the space industry.

In this essay, the author proposes many solutions to the sustainable
development in Africa, like the desalination of seawater or the urban waste


“If you don’t have a strategy, you are part of someone else’s strategy.”
We propose a ranking, a list of priorities for optimum results with a domino
effect, because time and favorable circumstances are also to be apprehended.
The construction of the barrage (on the Nile) by Ethiopia (economic necessity)
will seriously reduce the quantities (flows) of the water on which all of
Egypt depends. The freshwater project for all Africa can provide a sustainable
solution and prevent us from having a water war between countries.
We are declining, for Africa, the offer to acquire nuclear power plants for
electricity production because of the danger that it represents, the high
implementation cost, the obligation of a social organization of labor and the
level of awareness (individual and collective) that our countries have not yet
The basic need of Africa is the production of the freshwater, by desalination
of seawater, and the transport of that water to the arid lands of the interior
of continent. The presence of water on those areas makes it possible to plant
large quantities of fruit trees and vegetables to ward off famine and food
dependence to imports.
Africa’s energy potential allows for the production of clean, abundant,
renewable and cheap electricity.
The permanent availability of electricity will open the possibility of REFINE
locally on the continent, all minerals, including and in particular crude oil,
to obtain the lowest cost of chemical derivatives and petroleum products, such
as JET A1 which conditions air fares
Immediately and without delay, Africa will take the shortcut to the use of
electric cars and trains, new information and communication technology.
In GOD we stand – In GOD, we remain ! This will be the motto of the continent,
where men, thanks to planetary citizenship, induced by the globalized ecology
of the FREE SEATING – FREE MOVING – free TRADING will become earthlings,
simply, living together (notwithstanding the variation in melanin pigmentation
rate) in the cradle and the desirable future of Humanity : ‘Africa’.


Emmanuel Ngombet is a Civil Aviation Engineer, CNS Inspector, a former ASECNA,
CEO of the prospective engineering studies office, co founder and President of
NAICCE - New Anticipations and Initiatives CLUB CONTINENT EMERGENT, he resides
in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo).
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