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Doctors Advising Doctoral Students, Study tips for doctoral students from doctoral graduates
Éditions EMS
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Business Science Institute

Doctors Advising Doctoral Students

Study tips for doctoral students from doctoral graduates

Éditions EMS

Business Science Institute

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This book contains advice offered by Executive DBA graduates to students, and
in particular those who are working in parallel to their doctoral education.
It is divided into seven parts, with short but detailed chapters that give
guidance on how to successfully complete the different stages of the doctoral
process. Each chapter follows the same structure: 1) a specific question that
typically might be raised by a doctoral student is presented, 2) a few key
words are given to describe the content of the chapter, 3) a specific piece of
advice is discussed in the body of the text. At the end of the book, we
present some suggested background reading that may help the doctoral student
to explore the topics covered in the chapters in greater depth.

This book results from a series of meetings that take place each year during
the International Week organised by Business Science Institute in Luxembourg.
Since 2016, graduates from Business Science Institute have been meeting DBA
students during workshops to share their knowledge and experiences of the
doctoral journey. From this initiative, two observations can be made. On the
one hand, DBA student-managers seek to understand the mechanisms of research
in order to produce knowledge from their considerable professional experience.
On the other hand, after completing their thesis, DBA graduate-managers seek
to pass on the knowledge produced through their doctoral research. This mainly
involves sharing it with their professional network, for example through
specialist publications, seminars or media appearances. Their desire to
disseminate knowledge was indeed the driving force behind the writing of this
pioneering book.
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